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Chilean Walnuts

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Walnut Supplier

Anakena is the main Chilean Walnut processor and exporter and has been specialized in walnuts since 1991.

The pursuit for excellence, guides Anakena towards the development of a successful model over time. This philosophy has turned the company in to the leader and biggest Chilean Walnut handler.

The comprehensive compliance of every commitment, the highest Food Safety standards, the supply of a healthy product, achieving the best quality and the leadership of the Chilean Walnut industry make Anakena unique.


Anakena’s mission is to
guarantee the supply of
The Best Chilean Walnuts
around the world, being
the safest and the most
reliable company.

Focused on

Food Safety

Committed with the needs of the customers and facing the World’s future demands, Anakena has always searched to improve each one of its production stages and has submitted to different international certification processes.

The obtention of the IFS, BRC and HACCP certificates guarantee the high Food Safety standards of Anakena’s products today.

Walnuts, Health & Environment

The health of consumers and the environment care are important values for Anakena.

Walnuts are a natural product full of health benefits. Its unsaturated fats and its essential fatty acids (Ω6 and Ω3) reduce cholesterol in human body preventing heart diseases. Besides, Walnuts contain several minerals like Phosphorus, Calcium, Iron and Potassium that help to slow down aging and prevent some types of cancer. For these reasons regular consumption of walnuts is recommended.

Anakena is committed with the environment taking all the environmental precautions on each processing stage and reducing the use and handling of agrochemicals.

Best Quality Walnuts


The temperate climate of Chile is one of the best in the world for high quality fruit production. The moderate temperatures and dry-warm summers create the ideal conditions for walnut trees to grow and produce the best walnuts.

Chile is surrounded by natural barriers that create a phytosanitary island. The Atacama Desert, The Andes Mountain Range and the Pacific Ocean keep the orchards safe from incoming plagues and diseases, favoring the production of healthy and the best quality walnuts in the World.

The facilities of Anakena are strategically located in the middle of the best walnut production zones in Chile, thus obtaining the highest quality after processing.


Paine Plant


Retiro Plant


Longaví Fields



More than 25 years specialized in walnuts have given Anakena the knowledge and the experience to develop a successful way of working; take the correct investment decisions and form a strong, involved and trained team.

Anakena has two processing plants equipped with the highest technology. The main facility is located in Paine in the central zone of Chile and the second plant, built during 2017, is in the south-central area in the town of Retiro.

Anakena´s areas include a modern walnut tree nursery, farming and development of walnut production projects, advisement to the best growers from plantation to harvest, hulling and drying service, a high capacity shelling walnut process, a precise quality and management control method, financial stability and a sales and customer service department.

Committed, experienced and technically specialized people guide and run each process stage; from the agricultural production to the satisfaction of the final customer.

Everyone in Anakena works hard to guarantee the supply of The Best Chilean Walnuts and exceed the expectations of every customer.

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